Annoying Hollywood Things – Sexism (K-Stew) and Racism (Lena Dunham) Happenings

Okay so if you’re like me and sometimes really bored at work, as in so bored you wander onto Gawker or Jezebel, you read celebrity gossip.

As you know, Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Patterson and blah blah who cares, it’s their business. Except everyone goes in on Kristen Stewart, so much so she issued a public (public, smdh) apology for her behavior. Meanwhile, dirtbag director Rupert Sanders has gotten away pretty much unscathed.

Every article is about examining Stewart for terrible miniscule details. Is she smiling?! What is she wearing?! What’s her expression?! Why did she do this?! How could she?

Hey, you forgot that Rupert Shitbag cheated on his wife and they have kids together.

Anyway, i’m writing this because i’m annoyed that Kristen Stewart isn’t going to be in the sequel for terriblemovie Snow White and The Huntsman. It’s not so much that I care about the movie, except that why is she the only one being punished for this. In fact, why is she being punished at all? This isn’t our business. Rupert Sanders still gets to direct, however.

The patriarchy is smacking us in the face. Why aren’t we making more noise about the fact that this is happening to Stewart?

What the hell?


The other issue that really annoyed me today is this:


That’s Lena Dunham, writer of HBO’s sHIT show (a pun! ahah!) Girls. Girls was in the news a lot because it featured no minorities, and really didn’t care to. In fact here was a “cool” ironic racist tweet by one of the writers:

(She also favorited a swastika tweet, because haha Hitler! AmIRight???)

According to Racialious (A great site everyone should read by the way)

In case you were wondering, nope, it doesn’t seem like Lena Dunham’s listened to the critiques from earlier this year.

As Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky reports, Dunham’s non-apology for this picture didn’t help any:

A rare genuine one–been in production and completely not reading the news. Didn’t realize what a bad time it was to make a joke like that. Not a good excuse you guys, but an excuse nonetheless. I’m glad you keep me informed and I’m deleting those tweets. Will spend tonight reading my pile of old NY Times, contemplating the boundaries of humor. I try and learn something new every day. xxLena

By “bad time,” she referred to the assault on the gurudwara in Oak Creek last week. So it only took people getting shot and killed by an apparent white supremacist–and using a pretext similar to Ashton Kutcher’s defense for those pro-Penn State tweets, if you’ll recall–for her to issue a non-apology. It wasn’t that the joke itself was lazy; it’s that she didn’t pick the right day to foist it upon us.

But that’s okay! NotRacist, because as Racialicious points out, Donald Glover will be on the cast of Girls next season! Everything is normal and cool! Phew.

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