Comment of the Day – Explaining the soul of African-Americans via The Wu-Tang Clan

Carl, the fundamental issue here is that you just ignored the issues stated by Marie, and replaced them with your own propaganda. Let me restate them for you “Why are so many thick racist whites posting here now. If Romney and the GOP care about blacks how come they always refer to us as on welfare, not working and lazy…..the GOP are using racist voter suppression to block black voters.” These are simple questions. You used the common “Wasp” tactic of diversion and replacement.

But I will have to strongly disagree with you assertion that blacks being part of a group diminishes their individuality or that their free will might go ignored. You can’t judge blacks by your own racist cultural ideologies.

Take for example the Wu-Tang Clan. This is a highly recognized and successful group of black men. Yet, each one of them raps in a different style. Each one of them delivered their own solo projects. Each one of them acting autonomously signed their own solo deals, and formed their own side groups. Their group affiliation served to strengthen and empower their own personal goals and activities; and supported the growth of great individuals. Method Man, Ol’Dirty, RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God; these men are not Wu-tang Clone robots without individual thought process or recognition. No each one of these men are unique in Rap Style, delivery, and made autonomous carrier choice that made them all stars in their own light.

Black People are family people. When we group up, we become like family. The family serves as a support network to help you experience your individuality, not deter it. Another case in point: many people are on this site because they recognize that they belong to the “black” demographics of people. Yet we have contrasting views on politics, religion, and morality. That is individual thought. Sometimes we strongly disagree with each other, and express that. We may even show pride in our view points. Yet still at the end of the day we still are black, and being black has not made us all into a mindless zombies. Each personality on this site projects and defends their own vision, and goals. If this was not the case, then we wouldn’t have such rich discussion and sometimes heated debates.

Your subconscious soul does not want to accept what it sees in the mirror. That is why you ignored the fundamental issues that Marie stated and tried to replace it with this garbage. I will not allow you to transfer your guilt onto me.

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